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Hot Talco

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Bakhoor Collection

Bakhoor are wood chips that have been soaked in perfume oil and are mixed with other (natural) ingredients, such as resin, sandlewood and essentials oils. Landmark bakhoors comes in different flavors such as White winter, Lamer, Cherry blossom and Oud-d’Rose. Bakhoor is especially popular in the Middle East. Burning of Bakhoor is traditionally done with the intention to purify the ambiance and provide mood enhancing frangrnce.

Reed Difusers

Landmark Reed diffuser will add an antique character to your interior space, reminiscent of olden-day ambiance whose signature was luxury and aristocratic boldness. The aromatic liquids are packed separately in refill bottles which give you the chance to set up your diffuser hands-on. Insert the diffuser sticks that we have wrapped in rustic oil paper. It is possible to mix fragrances and truly create your one-of-a-kind olfactory dynamo that represents your unique personality and traits.

Sented Candles

Lighting scented candle is a beautiful way to relax or set the mood for the perfect dinner date. It illuminates both your room and your mind. Natural fragrances will relax the mind and induce incredible warmth. Landmark Perfume offers candles with different natural aromas. Air purification is a unique advantage of using Landmark scented candles