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A world of stunning fragrances

Every living being has a unique smell. The scent is the essential signature of an individual. A good fragrance enhances one’s unique personality. It boasts confidence and adds recognition. It defines others’ impressions of you. Scents are magnetic in appeal. A unique aroma and fragrance stand you out in the crowd. In our laboratory, we make the best and balanced blending of essential oils and herbs to come up with world-class scents that linger on you longer. They are gorgeous, irresistible, authentic, and unique.



Antiques are sensational in its appearance geared up to cast a heroic impression. The elegance of style statement grants the ethnic ambience flair, blending in the traditional roots. The royal blend exudes its grandeur in the most ecstatic mode and heightens the rustiness of Vetiver. The woody pick synchronizes with the enigmatic allure to make an exquisite impact. There comes…. The enticing Margarita


In the Eclectic garden of blooming elegance, hark back to the floral beauties around stunning, radiant and flamboyant. The swaying sweet aroma is tempered with authentic floral spices to jazz up the Infinity in the making. As meticulous as it gets, the woody essence…


Hot Talco

The mark of affluence is a matter of lifestyle infused with passion. Experience our undefinably opulent scent. Its sweetness of passion welcomes you with open arms. Enjoy the enchanting and ever-glamorous Hot Talco.

Our Vision and mission

We continuously strive to create contemporary fragrances that are designed to appeal to those looking for exquisite scents that are innovative and riveting. Our range of skilfully crafted formulations goes beyond delighting customers. It induces a sense of matchless elegance. We design perfumes based on exclusive formulas that are painstakingly developed to match the trends in vogue. We promise to delight and take you beyond the unfulfilled luxury of scents that global perfumers are still striving to accomplish.

Blended with Love!

At Landmark, perfumers are continually working to produce fabulous formulas that are exotic and inspiring. We discover and blend rich ingredients to come up with unique scents. Their allure lingers with such sophistication that our perfumes are rated as captivating, enticing, and different. When you douse our opulent and evocative perfumes, you are transported to another world where fragrances make life happy and contemplative of luxuriant living. The overpowering explosion of our range of scents is seductive, magnetic, and alluring.

What our client says!

“I live in New York but I grew up in London so I’m always on the lookout for something special, Hot Talco perfume that remind me of home. It lasts for hours.
Margarita is also an excellent perfume.”
Harry. New York.